why us

Why d'labs?

Having a Masters in Data Science makes you eligible for one of the most sought-after and highest-paying professions today. Our Big Data Certification Course in Applied Data Science is designed with an immersive, industry-driven curriculum, giving you the flexibility (part-time and full-time) to become a d’labs certified Data Science Professional.

  • Complete problem formulation and solution to tackle complex data science problems in real-world.
  • Chance to participate in real-world projects.
  • Gain industry knowledge on Retail, Aviation and Retail Real-Estate.
  • Continuous learning assistance and mentoring after completion of the data analytics course.
Dlabs Global - The data science Institute in Chennai

Business Focus

Apart from classroom theory lessons, real-time experience is required to excel in the ever-growing competitive world. To be multiple steps ahead of the competition and gain real-time experience, our curriculum includes three major electives to choose from – Retail, Aviation and Retail Real-estate.

Coaching by Industry Experts

Our faculty include industry experts with decades of experience, making sure participants enrolling will gain deep knowledge about Data Science and its attributes. Our academy provides hands-on practice in solving real business problems to give you an edge.


As a part of our part-time and full-time course, students will get placement assistance and assured placements, respectively. Students enrolling for the full-time course will be a part of the elite group that will be hired by Pathfinder Enterprises and work along with some of the smartest Data Scientists globally.

Real-Time Projects

Course participants receive complete training in problem formulation and solution, to tackle complex data science problems in real-world, from what you need to know to what you need to do.

Approach After the Course

Even after graduates join other companies, our academy is always ready to extend its support with career mentoring and extended learning.

Capstone Projects

Experience real-life projects where you would work on individual and team projects. This ensures you are equipped to perform exceptionally well as an individual or a team contributor.

Hire Talent

d’labs Academy for Applied Data Science is an initiative by Pathfinder Global. Pathfinder is a 25-year-old enterprise software company with over 350 employees and offices in Dubai, Chennai and Malaysia, among others countries. Pathfinder caters to clients including airports, malls and shopping centres worldwide. Everyday, Pathfinder’s platform & solutions generate tons of Big Data that is leveraged by its Data Scientists to improve clients’ businesses. Through its big data certification, d’labs ensures that every student is industry-ready, under the guidance of global data science experts.
Dlabs Global - The data science Institute in Chennai