Ways to motivate your staff to accelerate your Restaurant business

Let’s face it! "I really do not care how big brand is your Restaurant if I do not get better dining experience. My dining experience is not limited to tasty food alone but the experience I get with your staff like how polite they are, how much attention to pay to my order and how quickly I get my food on table etc." This is how a typical Restaurant customer thinks. Glitters of electric lights, fancy ads on highway bill boards, coziness of seats all take back seat in front of aforesaid.

So, it all depends on how well your guest attendants (Be it a steward or a waiter) deal with customers. Next the question is, are they motivated enough to take care of your customers? Now, what makes your staff motivated? No brainers, it is Money! Be it the commission he/she gets or the tips from customers is the most important thing that makes your staff motivated. So you have to do all it takes to improve his incentives and rest is assured, he will take good care of your customers.

Below are few things that need to be taken care of for your staff:

Ø Higher no of sales in his session – Apart from the customer loyalty and promotions you do to increase the sales, once customers are in, the main hurdle to achieve this is ‘idle time or waiting time’ to get the orders quickly in front of your customers. This includes time taken to take the order, time taken for the order to reach kitchen, and time taken to bring the order to the table. If you could optimize this time, this will eventually help in creating more sales in that session your staff is working. How do you do that?

Ø Higher value per order - Nothing in your hand, but all depends on your customer. All you can do is create a situation where your customers’ are encouraged to order more, like combo offers, discounts etc and train your staff on how they improve order value by interacting with customers in a polite and friendly way. How do you enable this?

Ø Less walking time between Table, kitchen and cash counter: To understand this better, let us do simple math. Depending on the size of the restaurant and time of the day, your guest attendants lose 5-15 min (Avg 10min) of time per guest(s) walking between kitchen, cash counter and table and say, average time guest spends in restaurant is 1hr. And, no of active hours of restaurant opening is 7hrs.

Time that gets wasted for every one hour is – 10min

For 7 hours it is – 70 min

So in a day your staff can accommodate another customer per table if that time is saved! And, do the math for no of tables he is in charge of and how much he could get in additional orders and tips!

So how do you make this happen? Through a simple mobile order taking App. An app that enables waiters to take orders, send orders to kitchen and to cashier once it is billed. An app that will have all menu and notes for special preferences and ability to generate bills and invoice at the table itself.

In this way your staff will get motivated to work and in turn takes good care of your guests which eventually leads to increased revenue and brand awareness for your business.

Author: Prakash Babu Devara
Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ways-motivate-your-staff-accelerate-restaurant-business-devara/

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