Placement Assistance Program

Our part-time course is designed for working professionals with tight schedules, who still want to push their limits on the career front and advance their skills in Data Science.

On completion of the course, participants will be able to position themselves as Data Analysts and Data Scientists in the job market.

d’labs Certification Course in Applied Data Science

Get the d’labs advantage:

  • Complete problem formulation and solution to tackle complex Data Science problems in real-world.
  • Chance to participate in real-world projects.
  • Gain industry knowledge on Retail, Aviation and Retail Real-Estate.
  • Continuous learning assistance and mentoring after completion of the Data Science course.
Dlabs Global - The data science Institute in Chennai
  • Data Science Lifecycle Methodology and Best Practices
  • Data Pre-processing Techniques
  • Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Primer)
  • Time Series Forecasting Techniques
  • Storytelling using Data Visualisation Techniques
  • Implementing production ready Machine Learning Models
  • Specialized electives in Retail, Aviation and Retail Real-estate
  • Exposure to tools like
Eligibility criteria

Learning Experience

Industry-Driven Curriculum
Domain-Relevant Problem-Solving Capabilities
Extended Learning and Profile Building
Placement Assurance and Career Mentoring
State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Career Focus

The benefits of our Part-Time Certificate Course in Applied Data Science extend beyond enhancing your earning potential. Our curriculum focuses on accelerating your development, and creates an opportunity to analyse data to gain insights, develop new strategies, make better decisions and differentiate yourself from your peers.

Placement assistance is available, and participants who successfully complete the course will be guided for placements through our internal placement service provider, WINTEG.